Making Mead

So, what’s been happing this week……  Well things are slowing down in Direct Bees HQ, so we are taking advantage of this quieter period to restock our beekeeping stores and also trying something new. This week we are making MEAD! Despite keeping bees for nearly 15 years, this is a first for us.  We have tried to research it as much as possible, but it appears no one is willing to give an exact recipe, so we have taken all the advice we have read and done with it the following:


4.5lt of water

4lb of pure honey

1 orange (cut whole, small enough to fit in the demi john opening)

1 lemon (cut whole, small enough to fit in the demi john opening)

1 hand full of raisins

5gr of wine yeast

1 level teaspoon of wine nutrient


First, we bought a Demi John, airlock valve, wine yeast and wine nutrient from Wilco (less than £10). We put the water and honey into large saucepan and brought it to the boil, once cooled we emptied the water/honey into the demi jar and added the orange, lemon, raisins, yeast and yeast nutrient.  We poured a small amount of water into the airlock valve and placed it on the demi john. Finally, we placed the demi john in to a dark room of about 65-70 degrees, where it will stay for a full 12 months.


Results: Quality and alcohol content are unknown at this time…. update will be published on 25/09/20! Watch this space…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(If you are wondering where the name came from, this has derived from the two novice distillers involved….my brother-in-law “Mr PAYNE” and mine “Mr WALTERS”.




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