14×12 Jumbo national poly hive

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Part of the Poly National Range.  Totally compatible with both the wooden National hives and Poly National hive parts.    Use your existing hive components and take advantage of the polystyrene benefits:

– Its made from a very high density material, 100g/litre – upto three times stronger than what is used for packaging.

-Its light-weight and durable.

-Its insulation properties additionally makes it ideal as less bees are needed to maintain the heat and warmth required for effective brood rearing, helps improve overwintering and early Spring buildup.

A Complete National 14×12 Jumbo Hive – empty, consists of:

– Open Mesh Floor with entrance block
– 14×12 Jumbo Brood Box
– 2 x poly Supers
– Plastic Queen Excluder
– Poly clear flexible Crownboard
– Roof
– Metal frame runners for the brood/super box
– Hive Strap

Compatible with poly National hive components/parts or our wooden National hive parts.    This means, for example you could use your existing wooden supers on the top, or use poly supers on top of your existing wooden brood box.  Compatible with the different varieties of queen excluders (wire with wooden frame, slotted steel, plastic) and with the various crownboards (wooden, polycarbonate, glass).  Poly brood boxes and Supers can take frame runners or castellated spacers enabling you to customise your frame spacing, whether you use hoffman style frames, manley frames, standard frames with spacers, or castellated runners.  The sole limitation is you cannot use a wooden roof on top of a Polystyrene super or brood box.

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