Bee Keepers Full Beginners Setup


Full Bee Keepers Setup

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This set up includes:

  • High quality UK made “BB wear bee suit” (please choose size and colour) Bee Suit Full Description
  • National Wooden British Cedar Bee Hive (flat pack), including 1 x beehive floor, 1 x brood box, 1 x super, 1 x crown board, 1 x roof (10cm deep), 1 queen excluder and 1 x hive strap and assembly nails. Beehive Full Description
  • Hive tool – half red
  • Bee Brush
  • Leather gloves (please state size required S, M, L) *Colours may vary between white and yellow*
  • Hoffman National brood frames x 10 (assembly required)
  • National wired brood wax foundation x 10
  • Hoffman National super frames x 10 (assembly required)
  • National wired super wax foundation x 10
  • Stainless steel smoker
  • 1 box of frame nails

How To Use

A complete beginner setup, including everything a new beekeeper needs to start keeping bees at an unbelievable price.

Top Tips

  • Before acquiring your bees, make sure you have a suitable site organised.
  • Paint/Oil the hive before use to prolong durability. DO NOT paint inside the hive, the bees won’t like the smell.
  • Try to face the hive south, this is the preferred direction for bees, but not essential.
  • Have your hive stand ready, make your own or simply use bricks and a plastic create.  Make sure you weigh the hive roof down with a rock or brick and don’t forget to use the hive strap including in our package.

Please watch our video on how to build your beehive: Beehive Construction Video


Size Height Chest/ Waist/ Hips Leg Under Arm Back
X Small 5’1″ (155cm) 30-32″ (76-82cm) 26” (66cm) 19 1/2” (50cm) 29 1/2” (75cm)
Small 5’6″ (168cm) 34-36″ (86-92cm) 26” (66cm) 19 1/2” (50cm) 30” (76cm)
Medium 5’10” (178cm) 38-40″ (96-102cm) 29” (74cm) 19 1/2” (50cm) 31” (79cm)
Large 6’0″ (183cm) 42-44″ (107-112cm) 30” (76cm) 21” (53cm) 34 1/5” (88cm)
X Large 6’2″ (188cm) 46-48″ (117-123cm) 31 1/2” (80cm) 22” (56cm) 34 1/5” (88cm)
XX Large 6’2″ (188cm) 50-52″ (127-132cm) 31 1/2” (80cm) 22” (56cm) 34 1/5” (88cm)

*Please note your Beesuit will be sent out to you seperatly*

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Additional information

Glove Size

Small, Medium, Large

Beesuit Size

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Beesuit Colour

Biscuit, Sage, Mint, Denim, Lilac, Pink, Rose, Nasturtium, Apricot, Maize, Primrose, Stone, Grey, White

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