Castellations for 9, 10 or 11 Frame Spacer

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2 galvanised metal castellated frame spacers for 9, 10 or 11 frames per brood or super box.

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2 galvanised metal castellated frame spacers, used to reduce the number of frames in your supers or brood boxes by accurately spacing your frames.  The spaces are evenly cut to allow the bees to fully draw out comb.

Includes 2 castellated frame spacers.


Simply nail the castellations to the inner, upper part of the hive box, making sure the lower part of the castle shape is flush with the inner runner where the frames would normally sit.


Lay the box on its side with the edge you are going to attach the castellations too is sat on a firm surface.  Use small nails (not included) with a largest head to attach the castellations to the inner part of the box.

As these are machine cut, some edge may be sharp.

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