Complete Wooden Beehive Floor x 1


A new National Beehive Floor

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A new fully assembled National Beehive floor, made in the EU from pine wood.

You will receive:

  • Beehive floor (fully assembled)
  • Varroa mesh
  • Pull out inspection tray
  • Beehive entrance

How To Use

The floor is fully assembled so is ready to use with your hive.  Make sure the inspection tray is fully pushed in and the position the hive enterance.

Please see a short video on how to build and assemble your hive/super: Hive Construction Video

Top Tips

Paint/treat the hive before use to prolong durability. DO NOT paint the inside of the hive, the bees won’t like the smell.

Try to face the hive south, this is the preferred direction for bees, but not essential.

Remove or place the hive entrance according to the weather/season.  During the summer the bees may over heat in the hive so it’s best practice to remove it.

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Additional information

Hive Type

Flatpack, Prebuilt

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