10 x JZ BZ Queen Cell Protectors Push in Type

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JZ BZ Queen Cell Protectors Push in Type

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Protect your Queen cell by pushing the protector into the wax foundation on your frames – Sold in packs of 10

How To Use

When installing Queen cells into a new colony, she requires protecting until she has hatched. These JZ BZ cell protectors are made of a red tough plastic that will prevent any bees from chewing through. For easy insertion, push the protector between into the pre-used wax foundation sheet. You can also use cell protectors for keeping queen cells safe during transport.

  • Place the preformed queen cell in to the cage and simply push into the middle of a wax foundation sheet that has already been pulled by the bees.
  • Can be used to protect queen cells during transport
  • Made from tough plastic
  • Will prevent bees from chewing through the cell wall
  • Easy to insert and retrieve

Top Tips

When reusing, wash thoroughly using warm soapy water.


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