Light Weight Summer Bee Nuc

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Light Weight Summer Bee Nuc



This great nuc box weighs only around 3kg and is ideal to have at hand during hive inspections. Made of 5mm ply wood side and a galvanised roof, this is the perfect Nucs box to available for multiple purposes/uses (comes as flat pack).

Takes 5 national bee frames (*not included*)

How To Use

  1. If the queen is spotted she can be transferred into the nuc box still on her frame. This allows the remaining inspection to be carried out knowing the queen is safe.
  2. If queen cells are found and a colony split is required the queen is available without the further searching.
  3. It can, of course, be used to house a nucleus colony or to temporarily house a swarm. If used to transport bees ensure there is free air access at the entrance. If the box is left at the apiary ensure it is secured against wind with a weight on the roof or with a strap

Top Tip

  1. To prolong the Nuc’s life span, why not paint the exterior.
  2. Always ensure the Nucs box is clean before each use, clean the lid using hot soapy water.
  3. The Nucs makes a great bait box, load with 5 old frames with wax in, place some lemon grass oil on the entrance and locate in a high/secure location.  Any swarms in the area may certainly take up home in it.

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Flatpack, Pre-built (with extras)

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